infra-Legalities presentation at UNSW (Sydney)

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On 16 November 2021 Gavin Sullivan gave a paper presentation of his recent research to the UNSW School of Law. The paper, ‘infra-Legalities: Global Security Infrastructures and the Automated Governance of Online Terrorism and Violent Extremism’ was prepared during Dr. Sullivan’s time as a Visiting Scholar at UNSW from June – August 2021. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 university restrictions, Dr. Sullivan was unable to present this work whilst in Sydney, and so was grateful to be able to share the work produced from his visit with the Law school via this seminar. The paper is now in the final stages of production and will be submitted to a leading academic law journal as a framing paper for the infra-Legalities project in late 2021, for eventual publication in 2022.