Gavin Sullivan asked to advise Meta on reform of their online Counterterrorism policy

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In early October infra-legalities project lead, Gavin Sullivan was again asked by Meta to provide expert input into proposed changes to their Dangerous Individuals and Organizations (DIO) policy.

The DIO policy is the key policy meta uses to moderate and remove terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC) form their platform. Few internal details about this policy have been publicly disclosed.

However, an earlier version of Meta’s DIO list and interpretative guidance on how this list should guide content moderation processes was leaked in the 2021 to the US-based independent news site, The Intercept. The DIO policy has also been subject to extensive critique in decisions of Meta’s Oversight Board.

Gavin is one of a select group of academics invited by Meta to participate in an upcoming Policy Forum to be held on this policy reform proposal under Chatham House rules in late October.