What is ‘the Global’? workshop, European University Institute (EUI), 20 – 21 Oct 2022

On 20-21 October 2022 Gavin Sullivan attended a lively, interdisciplinary workshop at the EUI in Florence, Italy entitled, ‘What is “the Global”? Reassembling Legal Authority across Space and Time’.

The workshop – organised by Prof. Nik Rajkovic (Tilburg Law School) and Prof. Tanja Aalberts (VU Amsterdam) – brought together a diverse group of scholars from international law, politics and international relations to reflect on the ways global ordering is changing and debate the theoretical and methodological stakes of these shifts in ordering practice.

Gavin Sullivan presented an early draft paper, co-authored with Alejandro Rodiles (University of Jena, Germany) unpacking the global scale-making and assemblage practices of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (or GCTF), building on Actor-Network Theory and critical infrastructure studies.

A follow-up workshop is planned for early 2023. It is hoped that the workshop will lead to collective outputs exploring enactments of ‘the global’ in the form of either a special issue or edited collection.     

Workshop participants